PKI Solutions

Carillon provides a variety of credentials, software solutions and managed services to assist organizations that are looking to leverage the benefits of identity management credentials within their day to day operations.

If your company employees access secured doors, logon to corporate networks, sign electronic documents, sign and encrypt email or logon to partner portals, Carillon has the credentials and validation tools to use PKI certificates to their full potential.

Carillon solutions break down into 3 distinct product lines, each designed to meet customer ID management needs.


PKI solutions start with digital credentials. Carillon provides a full range of certificates to meet organizations corporate needs and allows them to safely and efficiently provide employees, devices and tablets with trusted credentials.

Supply Chain Credentials

For organizations desiring secure collaboration within their supply chain and customer base.

Specialty Credentials

For use cases with specific requirements imposed by regulation or design criteria.

PIV-I Credentials

For organizations participating or interacting in US Government sponsored programs that do not need a full managed solution.

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Software Solutions

Once companies have issued digital credentials, Carillon Software Solutions are designed to leverage digital credentials with an active trust framework that secures corporate environments. PKI solutions have long been enabled to use with physical access (PACS) and logical access (LACS) of business environments and portals. However, with proper trust validation, digital certificates can centralize corporate identity management and greatly simplify the management of people and devices.

Pathfinder® Suite

A complete suite of trust validation server software designed to integrate with PACS, LACS, and web portals to confirm authenticity of PKI credential holder.

EV Mail

Outlook plugin to confirm trust validation of digitally signed emails.


For companies or software providers that want to produced FAA/EASA/Transport Canada compliant electronic versions of Authorized Release Certificates. Service available through online solution.

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Managed Services

Purchasing credentials can be a quick solution to meet certain customer or regulatory requirements. However, Carillon Managed Services provides a complete turnkey solution to get companies up and running within weeks instead of months with traditional PKI deployment. Furthermore, since Carillon is cross-certified with CertiPath, it can provide an added layer of trust and interoperability, should there be a need to interact with US Federal Bridge PKI and the Aerospace industry.

Airline PKI

Flexible managed PKI solution customized to address specific airline requirements that include various fleet programs, maintenance department authentication and corporate identity management.

Corporate PKI

For companies looking to deploy a PKI solution without the hassle of building their own identity management infrastructure.


For companies that want to control issuance of PIV-I for their corporate needs or resell a private branded solution of PIV-I credentials.

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  • Rapid Deployment

    Issue credentials in weeks, rather than the typical 18 months it takes an organization to attain cross-certification.

  • Compatibility & Interoperability

    CertiPath cross-certified certificates provide aerospace, defense and government potential compatibility and certificates that comply to necessary FIPS-201 standards.

  • Economical solutions

    Our Managed PKI services can allow you to save up to 80% compared to in-house solutions.