• Managed Services - Specialty Certificates

    Carillon is the first digital credential provider to issue fully cross-certified tsa compliant elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) certificates to sign electronic boarding passes.

    Carillon Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) certificates meet the standards set by the TSA as a trusted solution to authenticate e-boarding passes for airline passengers who travel to the U.S. Carillon is glad to offer this service to Airlines that wish to be compliant with this directive from the Transport Security Administration.

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  • Credentials - Digital certificates

    Control your digital identity with Carillon Credentials

    If you are looking for digital certificates,

    Carillon Credentials can be used to sign PDF files, encrypt emails or sign onto collaboration web portals.

    Recognized by OEM’s, such as Boeing, for use with their Supply Chain Members, Carillon Credentials are the smart way to authenticate people, tablets or devices.

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  • Managed Services - Managed PKI for Airlines

    Manage Digital Identities for next generation airlines

    If you are looking for a unified digital identity solution,

    Carillon Managed Services are designed to help centralize all of an airline’s credentialing needs. Today’s airlines are confronted with the challenge of having to manage their own PKI infrastructures for a variety of business and operational situations. From tablets authentication to boarding pass signing, there are more than 20 different scenarios that require digital credentials. Each with their own set of policies and technical requirements. Carillon Managed PKI for Airlines takes the guess work out of the equation and provides a complete and integrated solution that can save airlines a substantial amount of time and money.

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  • Software Solutions - Trust Validator

    Stop your inbox from being a breeding ground for malware infestations

    If you already own digital credentials,

    Carillon Software Solutions, like Trust Validator, are designed to quickly and effectively manage validation process of emails from outside sources, such as, suppliers or corporate partners. Trust Validator can provide a safe way to confirm a person’s identity via your Outlook browser and avoid being caught in spear phishing schemes or other malware threats.

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  • Identity certificate
  • Signature certificate
  • Encryption certificate

Identity Management, Simplified

Looking for digital certificates to be able to communicate with OEM’s and suppliers in the aerospace industry? Carillon offers a digital credential bundle that includes three distinct certificates to meet your needs. Each bundle includes an Identity certificate to logon to supplier portal, a signature certificate to sign PDF files and an encryption certificate to secure email communications.

Looking for credentials that can interoperate with U.S. federal government and agencies? Carillon’s PIV-I credentials are the perfect solution for emergency response teams, utilities or businesses that need secure credentials to interact with government agencies and other business stakeholders. Carillon PIV-I cards are CertiPath approved and U.S. federal bridge PKI cross-certified.