• Boeing Aviation ID Credentials

    For Airlines and MROs that must comply to Boeing's Multi-Factor Authentication requirements by the end of 2017, Carillon provides a multi-use, industry standard credential solution.

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  • DFARS Compliance

    If you are looking for a Multi-factor authentication solution before the December 31st deadline...

    Carillon’s Supply Chain credentials offer a flexible and economic solution for organizations that need to comply with NIST SP800-171. For even more security, Carillon’s PIV-I offering is a great way for an organization to demonstrate full compliance with both the spirit and letter of the regulations. Both solutions provide multi-factor authentication capability, as well as the ability to sign and encrypt emails, digitally sign documents, and maintain confidentiality for communications.

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  • Multi-factor solutions for PCI-DSS Compliance

    If you are looking for a unified digital identity solution,

    Are you ready for the increased requirements for Multi-Factor Authentication mandated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)? Carillon’s Supply Chain and PIV-I credentials both provide for multi-factor authentication, and an un-paralleled level of interoperability and acceptance within the Aerospace, Civil Air Transport and Government sectors. See how our versatile credentials can help you meet the PCI-DSS and other Multi-Factor authentication challenges.

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  • Electronic Authorized Release Certificate

    Ready to save money on management of Form One / e8130-3?

    If you are like most Aerospace companies, you are spending considerable time and money managing and tracking paper based Form One / 8130-3. Carillon has deployed solutions leveraging digital signatures for Authorized Release Certificates as mandated by ATA Spec2000 Chapter 16 that are proven to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

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  • Identity certificate
  • Signature certificate
  • Encryption certificate

Identity Management, Simplified

Secure Credentials

Aerospace Supply Chain

Looking for digital certificates to be able to communicate with OEM’s and suppliers in the aerospace industry? Carillon offers a digital credential bundle that includes three distinct certificates to meet your needs. Each bundle includes an Identity certificate to logon to supplier portal, a signature certificate to sign PDF files and an encryption certificate to secure email communications.


Looking for credentials that can interoperate with U.S. federal government and agencies? Carillon’s PIV-I credentials are the perfect solution for emergency response teams, utilities or businesses that need secure credentials to interact with government agencies and other business stakeholders. Carillon PIV-I cards are CertiPath approved and U.S. federal bridge PKI cross-certified.

Software Solutions

Setting up users with credentials is only the beginning of a successful PKI deployment. Enabling applications to use the certificates for authentication, signature and encryption is just as important a step to securing your business. Carillon has a broad range of software solutions to help building your trusted infrastructure. Whether it is enabling your physical access systems, your information sharing portals, or securing your email, Carillon’s solutions are an economical choice to make your PKI rollout simple.

  • LSAP / eSIG+eARC

  • Path Discovery & Validation

  • Secure Email Validation

  • SCVP

  • Certificate Discovery

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Managed Services

By taking advantage of the CertiPath cross-certified Managed PKI solution, Carillon's customers can have their own private label Certificate Authority. This enables their organization to have the most control over the management of their FIPS-201 compliant PIV-I credentials, without engaging in the costly start-up, maintenance and responsibilities of their own full PKI system. Furthermore, this solution allows companies, associations, state and local governments to issue other credential types.

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Managed PIV-I

Managed PIV-I Services is designed for companies that want to control issuance of PIV-I credentials for their corporate needs or resell a private branded solution of PIV-I credentials.

Managed Airline PKI

A Managed PKI Service for Airlines represents a highly efficient way of reducing paper documents, while increasing traceability, information security and integrity. This solution provides the capability of generating Digital Certificates for securely Signing Software Crates, Device Identification and more. It offers future scalability, since PKI based certificates can also provide flexibility in operations outside of aircraft use, allowing your company to consider PKI enabled solutions for uses, such as: Job Card Management, Maintenance Management, Physical Access, Document Signing, Email Communication and more. Our team is actively working on simple solutions to enable Secure Digital Signatures on tablets, Electronic Flight Bags, and other devices on the flight deck and in the maintenance facility that take advantage of new secure contact-less smartcards, which will soon be available on the market.

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