Patrick Patterson

President and Chief Executive Officer, brings 20 years of Management and Security experience to the Carillon team. He has held senior positions with a number of teams recognised as industry leaders in the communications, security, and air transport fields, including such companies as IBM and SITA. He has spoken on PKI and Identity Management at such events as CompSec and ISSE, and has authored numerous papers on the subject. He has been one of the contributing authors of the PKI and Identity Management specifications at aerospace standards organisations such as the ATA, AEEC, and the TSCP.

Patrick Turcotte

Vice President Policy and Control, has been working in the IT security field for over 15 years, many of which in the context of the aerospace and air transport industry. A professional engineer, he has honed his skills from the technological to the architectural and the procedural in various environments such as SITA, France Telecom and CGI. Patrick has partaken in the design, implementation and deployment of multiple large-scale PKIs in the air transport field; combined with solid communications and teaching skills and his experience in project management, this makes him a valuable asset in any identity management project.

Dave Coombs

Vice President Software Development, helps shape the Identity and Access Management standards produced by the ATA DSWG, AEEC, and TSCP, for the air transport and aerospace industries. As a lead consultant he also works directly with Carillon's customers to define their policies and implement these very standards. Dave has over 15 years of IT consulting and data security experience, including project management, implementation, and executive management. Dave is a well received public speaker with a dynamic, engaging personality and an interest in promoting identity management fundamentals and ideals in the air transport community, and he enjoys pie.

Vince Chiarelli

Vice President Customer Service and Human Resources, he currently manages the Customer Service team. His responsibilities include overseeing and managing the hiring process for all Carillon staff, supervising the Customer Service Team and ensuring that our customers have access to the necessary resources to successfully benefit from Carillon products and services.

Sonny Reid

Sonny Reid

President, Carillon Federal Services and Vice President Business Operations, Carillon Information Security is a proven Information Technology leader with over 15 years performing in executive level roles at global companies varying from the Fortune 1 to the CAC 40. Joining Travelers Group as an Assistant Vice President in 1998, he was instrumental post-merger at Citigroup establishing the IT Risk Management organization for the Institutional Investments business, becoming the Technical Information Security Officer for the Global Investment Management sector before departing in 2005 for Legrand SA where he led the Network Architecture organization globally and Enterprise Architecture, Data Center Operations, and Distributed Development in North America.