Carillon Information Security Inc. supplies ATA DSWG Compliant Elliptic Curve Certificates to Honeywell for validation testing of its Secure ACARS avionics offering, which will protect flight data transmitted between aircraft and ground systems.


Efforts to improve security everywhere have been increasing steadily over the last few years, and passenger air travel is a very visible example of this trend.

The Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is the air-to-ground datalink that is used to provide global communication of vital airline operation and air traffic services information. The ACARS system is more than 20 years old, and while it has served the industry well, it has no inherent or built-in security. ACARS traffic from a major airport can easily be intercepted and decoded by anyone nearby; there are even people who do this and post ACARS messages on the internet.


Honeywell developed Secure ACARS to satisfy the airline industry's need for an ACARS security solution. The Secure ACARS application, which may be outfitted in Honeywell's existing avionics products, leverages Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to address the unique challenges associated with the aeronautical communications environment, including bandwidth limitations of the ACARS transmission channel and avionics computing constraints.

Honeywell turned to Carillon Information Security® for ECC digital certificates to test its Secure ACARS implementation. "ECC digital certificates are smaller than other types of certificates, and can be processed more efficiently by the avionics," explains Dave Coombs, Director of Certification Standards at Carillon. "As part of its full suite of Identity Management solutions, Carillon is able to rapidly respond to Honeywell's request for test ECC digital certificates to validate their solution."


With ECC digital certificates issued by Carillon, Honeywell was able to perform pre-production validation of its Secure ACARS application. This application, when fully deployed, will allow aircraft and ground systems to exchange flight data securely, preventing third parties from decoding the transmissions or even from injecting messages of their own. "Securing communications between aircraft and ground systems is critical to protecting sensitive flight data," says Mr. Coombs.

Carillon's digital certificates are fully compliant with standard profiles set by the Digital Security Working Group (DSWG) of the Air Transport Association (ATA), ensuring interoperability between the aircraft and ground systems of all airlines that deploy Secure ACARS.


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Carillon Information Security, Inc., strives to improve the global air transport, civil aviation, and aerospace industries through digital security, identity management and authentication technologies. Carillon helps its clients reduce costs and streamline their security and authentication processes by providing digital certificates and identity management services that conform to industry standards such as those of the ATA Digital Security Working Group (DSWG).

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