KWvDial for Linux

(Version 0.10)

What is it?

KWvDial is a KDE based graphical re-implementation of WorldVisions' WvDial Intelligent PPP Dialler.

Why would you want to use it?

With KWvDial, you don't have to worry about Chat Scripts, Secrets files, or any of the other ugliness that has characterized Un*x Telecommunications since the beginning of time. KWvDial takes care of all that. And since it uses the WvDial intelligent dialer, you don't have to worry about how to connect to your ISP. It just does it. It features simple profile management, so that you can set up multiple dialling schemes and access them all at the click of a button, an online timer, so that you can see how long you've been connected, and a visible status log, so that you don't have to hunt around to see what is going on... it tells you nicely right on the screen.


Ok, in addition to all of the stuff below, this finally fixes the counter issue (how it escaped this long, I have no idea...), and brings KWvDial pretty close to inline (finally) with the KDE2.x programming and UI guidelines. It also brings this program to the end of any sort of active development before KDE3.x comes out.

Well, below is the stuff that I said last time - I must have been on something at the time - Anyways, the newest version now fixes a number of build problems, it updates the wvdial libraries to 1.42, and most importantly moves the old wvdial.conf to:


To more closely conform with the KDE Resource file location standards. It is still in the standard wvdial format.

------- Ok, I think most of the brokenness and the strange compile problems people have been having are fixed with this release - again, usual disclaimers apply, if you find a problem, email me, and I'll try and fix it for the next release.


This version requires QT-2.2 or later, and works best with the latest KDE Libs and Support package.

Check out
KDE.Org for KDE Information
Troll Tech for QT Information

OK, so where can I get it?

You can get the source right here:
Latest Release:kwvdial-0.10.src.tar.gz

Is there a Binary Version available?

Yes, but only for Debian systems - i386 KWvDial Debian Package - Compiled against SID (Unstable) - so it may turn your hair grey, cause your horses to run wild, or perhaps even cause a strange mutation in infentissimal creatures which may or may not exist halfway across the galaxy

Development and Older Versions
In order to help make things clearer, and to allow me to post snapshots for more widescale testing, this section will now contain most previous source releases of KWvDial, and the current "Unstable, may or may not work, may or may not break things" development versions of KWvDial. These are only made available in source form - no binaries will be cut of these.
Current Snapshot: NONE
Frequently asked questions

NEW #1:I just upgraded and now KWvDial none of my previous profiles are there
This is because in version 0.9, the location of the configuration file moved. See above for the explanation and new location.
1: As soon as PPP tries to start, KWvDial Segfaults.
Get the latest release - this problem is one of the squashed bugs.
2: KWvDial doesn't work when I run it as a normal user
Either fix the permissions for your serial ports, or run KWvDial as root - don't SetUID it.. it's not designed to be a setUID program, and may contain security holes. For more discussion on this topic, check out the WvDial FAQ.
3: Can I do "Dial on Demand" with KWvDial
At the moment, no, but I've got some thoughts on how applications that wanted to support this could call KWvDial - since KWvDial is a graphical utility, and not a daemon, or other system level process, and shouldn't usually be run as root, there is no easy way for it to get called when someone asks for a route that isn't on the local subnet. If you are looking for a dial-on-demand solution for your business, try wvdial's (and KWvDial's) big brother, the Worldvisions Weaver
4: Can you e-mail me the software
Due to the fact that I don't keep the current stable versions around on a local server, but rather on the distribution servers half-way across the country, it is just as easy for you to download the software from this site as it is for me to e-mail it to you. So the short answer is NO. If you have a REALLY good reason why you can't download the package (i.e. you are reading this page through a web to e-mail gateway behind a fascist firewall in a represive third world country), then I might make an exception.
5: I get garbled characters/RealPlayer Plugin error when I try to download the packages
Right Click on the link you want to download, and select "Save As" or "Save Link As", and it should solve this problem.

Who is to blame?

Comments, gripes, complaints, patches (especially patches ;) can be sent to Patrick Patterson:
Flames, SPAM and other such nonsense can be sent to /dev/null

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